The Renovation Project of Lump Coal Sizer/Grading crushing for Bayangol Coal Preparation Plant

Bayangole Coal Preparation Plant is located in Wushen Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia. It is invested and constructed by Inner Mongolia Huangtaolgai Coal Co., Ltd. It is a modern mine-type coal preparation plant with an annual processing capacity of 10.00Mt.

In 2018, Bayangole Coal Preparation Plant adjust the output particle size of the lump clean coal from 80mm to 50mm to improve the product structure composition. The original equipment manufacturers improved the crusher by modifying the tooth profile, but the effect is not ideal. After the renovation, frequent incidents of stuffy machine blockage occurred, which failed to meet the capacity requirements, affected the normal production of the coal preparation plant and the service life of the toothed rollers was short.

In order to ensure the use effect, in the first half of 2019, after full technical demonstration and on-site inspections, our company has carried out a second transformation on the lump clean coal crusher. The following transformation plan is proposed:

  • The transmission part and electric control device of the original equipment are not adjusted, and the original equipment is used as a complete set.
  • In a targeted design for the crusher’s external dimensions and crushing roller components, and make full use of the original equipment installation foundation, footing, and inlet and outlet chute dimensions to reduce the cost of modification, installation and non-standard parts production.
  • Increase the diameter of the crushing roller of the original equipment to 600mm to improve the material biting ability and choose the roller length reasonably, according to the production requirements.
  • Optimize the tooth profile structure of the crushing teeth, reasonably design the size, length, tooth spacing, front elevation angle of the teeth and the number of circumferential arrangements, etc., optimize the particle size forming control, and further ensure that the discharge particle size is not less than 50mm. Improve the crushing efficiency and further control the crushing particle size to meet the demanding requirements of not less than 40mm; maximize its biting ability to ensure that the rated capacity is reached; Enhance the strength and materials of crushing teeth, and extend the service life of crushing teeth.