The Characteristics of Double Roller Crusher/ Sizer Overview, Part II

F、 The coupling adopts elastic pin coupling, which is made of high-quality polyurethane + nylon combined structure, which can not only ensure sufficient torque transmission, but also effectively absorb instantaneous shock and vibration, and protect the reducer and equipment; Overload coefficient>3.0, High reliability in use; account set structure, easy disassembly and assembly, explosion-proof overhaul and maintenance.

G、 The application of tooth roller clean device. The wet material with large water content is easy to stick, then crusher capacity reduced, resulting in the material accumulation in the crushing cavity, the machine suffered with smothering accident. In view of this situation, the tooth roller of our crusher, equipped with clean device, which not only ensures the capacity of the crusher, but also ensures the particle size of the material, and the sticky and wet materials can be crushed well.

H With advanced sealing system, ensures that the crusher can operate well under hard environment condition, and the bearing won’t be damaged by dust, water and oil of which entering the bearing chamber.

I、 Automatic lubrication system, with AC oil injection motor, can supply oil for a long time without interruption; The oil supply under large pressure and with

High Speed, lubrication with multi-point, the bearing is lubricated totally, then the service life of the bearing is prolonged.

J、The crusher equipped with mobile device, easy moving. That is convenient for service and maintenance. The walking device has various structures, including fixed walking device, screw walking device, hydraulic walking device and electric walking device, which can be selected according to user needs.

K、Discharge Size Adjusting Device:The distance between rollers is adjustable, so discharge material size can be strictly guaranteed.

L、Parts of Electrical control system description:

1) Control mode: centralized control, stop and local control.

2) Centralized control: start-stop signal is transmitted by the central control system, this system has start circuit breaker according to the start signal, select turning , using soft starter, then switch to bypass contactor after startup, at the same time under voltage, over voltage, overload, load loss, lack of phase, imbalance, locked-rotor, temperature detection are completed protected by the motor comprehensive protection unit (stall unit), and the automatic treatment of blockage can be realized. During operation, various state signals are transmitted in different ways (communication and interlocking), including control state and operation state.