The Characteristics of Double Roller Crusher/ Sizer Overview, Part I

1-Frame parts
2-Complete case structure parts
3-Pin coupling
4-Heavy duty industrial reducer
5-Hydraulic coupler
6-Three-phase asynchronous motor
7-Automatic lubrication system
8-Control system


A.The crusher adopts tooth plate structure and bolteddesign, which can be replaced separately, and is convenient for inspection and maintenance;

B.Crusher roll diameter selection and tooth profile targeted designto ensure that large pieces of material are embedded and crushed at one time.

C.Tooth material:Babbitt abrasion-resistant alloy (Hardness: HRC45~50 Impact toughness:ak≥38kg·m/cm2 ). It can be used for 2-3 years under normal condition. The service life is 2-3 times than high manganese steel or common wear-resistant alloy.

D.Under bad site conditions(such as iron, bolts and other sundries are in the ore), our crusher have good self-protection function and will not suffered serious damage, because:

* Low tooth roller rotation speed;

* Heavy type tooth roller structure;

* Over-speed device (stall sensor);

* Hydraulic coupling / Secondary thermal protection switch;

E.The complete box structure(FIG. 2) changes the design mode of the traditional separated box structure (FIG. 1). The specific advantages of this innovation are as follows:

FIG 1. Separated box structure

  1. Through more than 10 years of on-site experience of our company, there is a serious problem in the traditional structure, that is, under the condition of large input size with high hardness material, the bearing is not positioned properly, there is the problem of jumping shaft and channeling shaft, which affects the service life of the bearing; And this innovative structure combines the bearing and the machine case totally, bearing positioning is reliable, which effectively solves the problem of shaft jumping, improves the service life of bearing and ensures the reliability of equipment operation.
  2. The traditional structure between the case and the shaft is sealed by sealing rubber sealing plate. In the process of operating, rubber plate is extremely easy to wear, resulting in dust flying in the crushing site and with bad site environment. However, our complete box structure effectively solves this problem. The crushing space is an integral closed space, and the crushing dust cannot fly out of the machine case, so the crushing site is clean, and the environment is protected well.
  3. The complete box structure is compact, aesthetically in appearance, with replaceable wear-resistant platesand plates, which can be replaced after it has been worn, extending the service life of the machine case greatly.

FIG. 2. Complete box structure