MNP Series Slime Crusher suitable for crushing larger coal slime filter cake, bonded large coal slime

MNP series slime crusher is a crushing equipment independently researched and developed by our company, in combination with various slime conditions. The slime crusher is an ideal choice for crushing sticky and wet fine-grained materials in the form of cakes, lumps, and flakes due to bonding.
Raw materials: coal slime filter cake, bonded large coal slime and others
Max Capacity: Customized
Feeding size: Customized
Output size: Customized
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Coal washing, chemical and other industries.


● Adopt spiral blade and movable tooth scraper structure, can be replaced individually;
● self-cleaning, non-adhesive crushing blade and double roller;
● Unique string cutting device effectively guarantees the output granularity;
● With three functions of mixing, stirring and crushing;
● Split box structure and advanced sealing system ensure that the crusher operates in harsh environments.


Crushing principle:

According to the requirements of actual processing capacity, discharge granularity, and anti-clogging, designed various structures of crushing rollers, such as paddle type, blade type, spiral type, and string device.