LXWP Series Vertical fine-grained non-clogging hammer crusher

LXWP Series Vertical fine-grained non-clogging Hammer Crusher is a crushing equipment developed by our company by introducing advanced foreign technology and combining with actual conditions. LXWP Series Vertical Hammer Crusher is the ideal equipment for crushing fine particles in the secondary or tertiary crushing.
Raw materials: lump coal, coal gangue, limestone, iron ore, gypsum and other materials.
Max Capacity: 100t/h
Feeding size: ≤180mm
Output size: ≤3mm
Application: Mineral processing, coal, building materials, chemical, refractory and other industries.
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● Adopts the combined working method of impact and counterattack crushing, with high crushing efficiency and large processing capacity;
● With fine crushing and coarse grinding functions, convenient and reliable regulation;
● With self-cleaning function, avoiding clogging, which can adapt to crush the large moisture material;
● The Crushing hammer head selects wear-resistant materials, adopts new formula and heat treatment process, increase service life by more than 6 times;
● Simple and unique structure, convenient and fast installation and maintenance;
● Low operating cost, stable work, low noise and small dust pollution.



Product Data:
Series Hammer head No. Vertical Speed (r/min) Input Size  (mm) Output size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw)
LXWP750 6-12 980 ≤ 80 ≤ 3 10-15 30
LXWP1000 6-12 712 ≤ 100 ≤ 3 20-30 55
LXWP1250 8-16 570 ≤ 120 ≤ 3 35-50 75
LXWP1500 8-16 523 ≤ 140 ≤ 3 50-65 110
LXWP1750 10-20 395 ≤ 160 ≤ 3 65-80 160
LXWP2000 12-24 342 ≤ 180 ≤ 3 80-100 185


Technical characteristics:

● Adopts full-pass design, no sieve bottom, effectively preventing the problem of sticky and wet materials blocking.
● Equipped with a hydraulic opening device, the crushing chamber is easy to open and easy to replace wearing parts.
● Hammer head and liner adopt new material, new structure and new technology, with high strength and high wear resistance.
● Specialized design according to user’s actual situation, timely supply of spare parts.
● High wear-resistant dual alloy composite casting hammer head, using the latest centrifugal pressure casting, has the advantages of high hardness, high wear resistance, high toughness, long service life, strong impact resistance etc.
● The special thickened hammer head design effectively improves the impact resistance and stability of the hammer head.
● Split hammer design structure, simple and convenient replacement of hammer head, low maintenance cost of accessories.


Crushing principle:

LXWP Series Vertical fine-grained non-clogging Hammer Crusher crushing principle: The vertical shaft is provided with a multi-layer hammer head. During the free fall process of material enter the crusher, it is first impacted by the hammer head running at a high speed at the upper layer. Then the material is hit against the impact plate. The impact plate then bounces the material toward the hammer head. The collision between materials, crushes the materials, and the crushed materials are discharged out of the machine from the bottom hopper.