CP Series Double Roller Crusher for Coal Mine/Limestone Industries Primary/Coarse Crushing

Raw materials: coal, coal slime, oil shale, coal gangue, limestone, petroleum coke, slag, glass, clay, bauxite, Nickel Ore, construction waste materials etc.
Max Capacity: 10000t/h
Feeding size: 300mm-1500mm
Output size: 150-500 mm
Application: Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement plant etc.
Crushing teeth structure: Movable tooth type, ferrule type, toothed ring type, and whole roller type structure etc.
Arrangement of crushing teeth: spiral arrangement, the lump rate up to 90%.

 Product Data:

Series Model Feeding Size (mm) Output size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Motor Power (kw)
CP75 2DSKP75100 400~500 150~200 200 2×55
2DSKP75150 400~500 150~200 400 2×75
2DSKP75200 400~500 150~200 600 2×110
CP80 2DSKP80100 500~600 200~300 200 2×55
2DSKP80150 500~600 200~300 500 2×90
2DSKP80200 500~600 200~300 800 2×132
2DSKP80250 500~600 200~300 1000 2×160
CP95 2DSKP95150 800~1000 200~300 1000 2×160
2DSKP95200 800~1000 200~300 2000 2×250
2DSKP95300 800~1000 200~300 4000 2×315
CP120 2DSKP120200 1200~1500 300~500 3000 2×250
2DSKP120300 1200~1500 300~500 5000 2×315
CP150 2DSKP150300 1200~1500 250~350 8000 2×315


Technical characteristics:

● Double roller crusher have dual functions of sieving and crushing, which can crushing and sieving operations separately.
● Crushing chamber adopts the integral box structure, which effectively avoids the problem of bearing inadequate positioning and shaft jumping, and achieves the closedness of the crushing chamber, keeping the clean working environment.
● Crushing material size and Discharge size are adjustable.
● Crushing teeth structure is various which can be designed according to the material characteristics and particle size requirements, durability and easy maintenance.
● The arrangement of crushing teeth is advanced, single spiral, double spiral, multi spiral, interphase, linear etc. with high block rate and high crushing efficiency.
● Crusher tooth material with Babbitt abrasion resistance alloy (hardness HRC45~55, impact toughness AK≥38kg•m/cm2 ) ,with strong impact resistance and wear resistance, the service life is 2-3 times longer than that of high manganese steel or common wear resistant alloy.
● Equipped with advanced overload and stall protection device, intelligent control system and auto-lubrication system, easy to operate, safe and reliable.


Crushing principle:

Double roller crusher adopts the crushing theory of shearing, squeezing and stretching to crush the material. The biggest advantage is high lump rate, low over-crushing rate, and regular discharge material shape.

Item Traditional Secondary Crusher Advanced Secondary Crusher
Equipment Hammer Crusher,

Impact Crusher

Jaw Crusher,

Cone Crusher

Crushing Principle Impact principle Extrusion principle Principle of shearing and stretching
Lump Rate 30-40% 40%-55% 65%-80%
Material Final Shape Good shape, close to regular polyhedron or round shape Contains a lot of long strips and flakes material Uniform discharge size, the product is close to regular polyhedron
Efficiency Low efficiency High efficiency, max capacity up to 1000t/h
Discharge size adjustable Adjustable, but difficult to operate Adjustable, easy operate
Maintains cost Large amount of maintenance and high maintenance costs Few repairs and extremely low maintenance costs. The service life of crushing teeth can reach 3 million tons.
Resource utilization Low utilization rate, severe over crushing rate Improve 15%-30%
Economic benefits The use of limestone to produce calcium carbide and white ash industry requires higher particle size and material shape of limestone. The products crushed by the traditional secondary crushing equipment have high over crushing rates and poor material shapes, which seriously affect the production efficiency and sales of limestone, and produce too much over crushed materials, causing serious waste of resources. The production rate of finished materials is increased by more than 15%, which greatly improves the utilization rate of raw materials; the material with regular improve the quality of downstream products; the equipment has low power consumption and saves electricity costs; the small amount of maintenance and low maintenance costs reduces the operation cost.